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Special Issue on Floodplain Ecology and Sustainable Restoration with Regard to Ecosystem Services

Dear Colleagues,
Starting with the “green movement” in the past century,
the awareness was raised that nature is providing values
and even services for the society. The term “ecosystem
services” (ES) became popular along with “sustainability”,
and floodplains came back into focus. Floodplain
restoration is an instrument of river management to
achieve both flood protection and biodiversity as well as
floodplain-related ES. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out
restoration measures as sustainably as possible.
This Special Issue will comprise selected papers on the
topics of sustainable floodplain restoration with regard to
ecosystem services. Additional focus is on an improved
floodplain ecology, which will sustain and foster habitats
and consequently biodiversity. We also welcome articles
from socio-ecology and sustainable engineering dealing
with ES on floodplains.
Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka
Guest Editor

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Christoph Mudersbach
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Mudersbach - Leiter der AG Öffentlichkeit in der Fachgemeinschaft Hydrologische Wissenschaften
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